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Mission Statement

Aims and Objectives

Pallavan’s endeavour is to motivate each child by helping them learn the right skills and abilities and also give them ample opportunities to display these skills. This facilitates the early establishment of a positive self-image, a feeling of self-worth and a positive view of learning. The environment at Pallavan, the interactions with the children, the kind of activities planned are conducive to doing just that. Perhaps the most exciting part of Pallavan is the warm, happy and inviting atmosphere that one experiences.

Pallavan believes in the importance of certain essential human values and these are an integral part of our teaching-learning process.

  • Integrity : It is consistency in actions, values, methods, expectations, outcomes and honesty in all aspects of life.
  • Positive Attitude : It is to look at the positive side of life and meet challenges with determination and courage. 
  • Humanitarianism : It is kindness and sympathy towards all living beings
  • Respect and courtesy : It is to be respectful and behave appropriately with everyone. To treat everyone as equal and recognize their strengths.
  • Gratitude : It is appreciation and acknowledgement for all you possess and awareness of the contribution of every big and small action that makes life better.
  • Sprit of Enquiry : It is the desire to question, learn and understand the secrets of the universe and the ability to reflect and draw conclusions.
  • Pride in our school :  To show respect to all that the school represents, to uphold the values and traditions of the school, to wear the uniform with pride and work towards ‘Excellence in Deed’

What we want to achieve - The Joy of Learning

  • We believe that each child should be engaged in the PROCESS of learning i.e. the joy of learning as opposed to learning for a test.

  • Learning for the joy of learning gives the students conceptual clarity and the ability to transfer theory into practical life

  • Hence, for us competition is not the unhealthy pitting of one child to another but bettering the best within oneself.

Children, who learn together, also learn to live together.
Pallavan believes and proclaims that

  • Every child has a fundamental right to education and must be given the opportunity to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of learning

  • Every child has unique characteristics, interests, abilities and learning needs

  • Education systems should be designed and educational programmes implemented to address the wide diversely of these characteristics and needs.

  • Those with different needs must have access to a regular school which should accommodate them with a child-centred pedagogy capable of addressing those needs through individualised education programme plans (IEPP).

  • Pallavan with this inclusive orientation, will provide the most effective means of combating discriminatory attitudes, creating welcoming communities, building an inclusive society and achieving education for all

  • Pallavan will develop good practices of effective education for disabled and non-disabled children alike which will ultimately manifest improved efficiency and cost effectiveness of the whole education system

  • Pallavan believes that it is not our education system which can dictate who it wants to educate, it is students, with and without disabilities, who must be able to choose where they want to be educated.

  • Pallavan is committed to a vision of educational equity for all.